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8 of Pentacles Hatha Flow

Time: 25 minutes

Equipment: Blocks or none

Level: All Levels

Please perform this class in a quiet and dark room.

We are going to start class with a meditation so please come to a comfortable seated position. You may find it comfortable to place blocks underneath your knees.

I ask you to perform as much of this class as you can with your eyes closed. Please do your best to remained focused on each pose. If you notice your mind wandering simply refocus your attention back onto the pose you are performing.

Now please sit up straight. Close your eyes and place your hands on your thighs, palms down. Take 6 rounds of deep and slow inhalations and exhalations to prepare yourself for meditation. The actual length of time you spend here doesn't matter. I want you to focus on going past what is comfortable to you. The first time you feel you want to stop meditating go just a little bit longer. The second time you feel like you want to stop meditating please do so.

Take a deep inhalation while sitting up a little taller. Silently and gently exhale. Begin your meditation keeping your breath calm and deep.

once your have finished your meditation

please come to your hands and knees

knees directly under that hips

hands directly under the shoulders

inhale drop your belly down and look up (cow)

exhale arch your back to the ceiling and look down (cat)

repeat, following your breath, for 6 rounds


on an exhale, bring your feet together

sit back onto your heels bringing your knees wide apart

slowly walk your hands forward as your bring your forehead to the ground

feel free to place a block underneath your forehead

hold for 6 breaths

child's pose

inhale, slowly rise up to all fours

bring your knees together

tuck your toes

sit back onto your heels

extend the crown of your head towards the ceiling sitting straight up

hold for 6 breaths

hero's pose

place your hands on the ground

inhale, lift your knees off the ground

exhale, walk your feet back into a plank position

hold for 3 breaths


inhale, raise your hips up and back

drop your heels down, towards the floor

hold for 6 breaths

downward facing dog

exhale walk your feet up to meet your hands