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8 of Wands Morning Flow

Time: 15 minutes

All Levels

The 8 of wands speaks to something coming to an end. The wands are at the apex and have started their descent back down to the earth. We will mimic this movement by starting standing and moving our way back grounding to the earth. The 8 of wands is also associated with patience. Although the wands of the card are moving quickly they have not yet come to rest at their final target, a sign that we are on the correct course we just have to wait a bit for us to arrive at the final destination. This is threaded through the class with us holding the poses for a while.

During class today try to keep you mind calm and meditative through these holds. Keep your attention on your breath. Breath as long, slow and deep as you can while keeping the sound of your breath quiet. If you lose track of your breath that is ok. Once you notice you have lost track simply come back to your breath again. No need to beat yourself up about it. Simple start your long, slow, deep breath once again and move on.

Come to standing at the front of your mat

bring your feet hips distance apart and stand up tall

relax your arm by your sides with your palms facing forward

on an inhale raise your arms up over your head

pull your shoulders down and away from your ears

mountain pose

grab your right wrist with your left fingers

exhale lean to the left

hold for 4 breaths

inhale come up

grab your left wrist with your right fingers

exhale lean to the right

hold for 4 breaths

inhale come up


cactus arms slight backbend

inhale back to mountain

keep your arms where they are

exhale, bend your knees

sit your bum back as if you are sitting in a chair

hold for 4 breaths

chair pose

exhale release your arms

drop your head towards your shins

straighten your legs

forward fold

inhale raise your head to come to a flat back

hands resting on the shins

halfway lift

exhale fold forwards

repeat forward fold and halfway lift 3 times

once you have completed the 3 rounds walk hands forward

index finders pointing the front corners of your mat

hips pushed up and back

keep a slight bend in your knees

hold for 4 breaths

down dog