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Exploring boundaries

This spread comes from the Tarot Diagnosis , they put out great, thought provoking, spreads. The reading is done by me.

My current boundary health

R 8 of Pentacles

Upright I see this card as the path the mastery. This man is in the middle of repetitious practice which leads to mastery. But I got this in reversed... So I think this means I am not putting the in necessary effort into building and maintaining my boundaries. Which, to answer the question, I would take as my current boundary health is of low quality.

What keeps me balanced


The angel in the card has one foot in the water and one foot on land. I see the land as representing the conscious mind and the water the unconscious. So this is speaking to the ability understand and properly use both the conscious and unconscious minds. The scene depicted is far removed from civilization. There are no buildings for as far as the eye can see. This points to taking some time to myself. I notice that the angel has light rays coming off it's head. This makes me think that the time I take for myself should be spent rejuvenating my mind. Maybe meditation would be a good way to spend this time.

So, meditative alone time and equally weighting the conscious and unconscious mind keeps me balanced. Though I think it is important for me to remember that there are many ways to meditate. I do not always have to sit crossed legged with my eyes closed. Many things can be meditation: art, walking, surfing. It depends on the mindset I have while doing these things.

What challenges my boundaries

Ace of Swords

The card of truth, strong intellect, new ideas. ambition and breakthroughs.


8 of Wands

Something coming to and end. Travel.

Exploring new things challenges my boundaries. Coming into contact with new ideas can challenge my idea of truth. Through this I may gain an entirely new outlook. Not everything that challenges my boundaries is a bad thing. It will take much intellectual energy to discern which challenges will help me grow.

Where are my areas of weakness

R 8 of Cups

Staying in an unfulfilling situation. Maybe I feel I have already invested a lot into something and I allow that to prevent me from just cutting my losses and moving on. If I am unhappy it is up to me to change that. I need to have the confidence and clarity of vision to see what it is I need to release. I am responsible for my own happiness.

How can I practice setting healthy boundaries

The Magician

The magician is powerful. He has mastery over all four suits of the tarot. Acting as a lightning rod he grounds inspiration into reality. So what does this mean for me? I can practice setting healthy boundaries my recognizing this power in myself. I am perfectly capable of making the boundaries I desire real. Just as this magician has access to all the suits, I too have all the tools I need already available to me.


R 4 of Cups

Upright I see this as a card of either meditation, or of apathy. But this guy is reversed. I see this as a call to be more active. So it seems I have been spending too much time thinking and too little time acting. How I can practice is actually do something about it. Instead of spending my time wishing things were different I need to start trying to make things so through action. I have many tools available to me. I need to start experimenting with what I already have to find out what works for me.

How may others perceive my boundaries

R Wheel of Fortune

It seems other perceive my boundaries in a negative light. When reversed the Wheel of Fortune makes me think of a turn of your luck. But the forces affecting this are mainly external forces: karma, fate, the tides, other people's opinions which you have no control over, whatever. I should not resist this turning of the wheel, I cannot stop it. This is a time to let go and just flow with wherever the wheel may go.

Where can I derive strength and wisdom to set boundaries

R 6 of Cups

Lots of reversed cards in this spread. I can derive strength and wisdom to set boundaries through recognizing my independence. I do not need anyone to take care of me. It is my responsibility to take care of myself. It is up to me how I allow others to treat me. It is also up to me to communicate my boundaries to others.

There is a feeling of sweetness to this card. I think this means I should do my best to stay kind and compassionate when I am communicating my boundaries.


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