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For my future self

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Another spread from The Tarot Diagnosis, I love their spreads. They really help me to be more introspective.

What am I doing well?

3 of Pentacles

I see team work which leads to the creation of something that the individuals could not make just on their own. So it looks like I am working well with others.

What am I screwing up?


The woman in this card is soothing a lion. This lion can represent the animal nature of humans. So I am succumbing to my animal nature too much. I see a mountain in the back ground. This points to there being more struggles with his, but I believe it's worth it. The woman looks very angelic, I take this to mean that developing a higher state of mind I can tame my animal nature and devote myself to more valuable uses of my time. This card also points to my inner will and fortitude. I need to employ these more in my life. Perhaps I have been focusing too much on the material parts of my life.

My hopes for the future

Page of Cups

The page of cups is a student. He is at the begging of the journey of the court cards, he will eventually develop into the king but he is not there yet. I am drawn to the fish coming out of the cup and the page's focused gaze on this fish. This points to my focus on a singular goal. I am in the beginning stages of this goal but I hope to progress along the path of this goal and eventually make it to the mastery of the King of Cups.

My fears about the future

R 9 of Swords

Upright this card is connected to anxiety, nightmares, struggles with an overly negative mindset and mental health issues. Reversed these struggles, though still difficult, have a light at the end of tunnel, there is a way out available. Since this card is in the position of fears, I think it has to do with the fear of falling back into negative thought patterns. This negativity can come to me in many forms: being overly critical of myself, worrying that I will not achieve my goals and/or trouble trusting people etc. The swords in this card look as they are falling away from this struggling person when the card is reversed. I generally interpret this at a receding of the anguish associated with this card upright. However, since it is the fears position I take it to mean I worry that the progress I have made diminishing these negative thought patterns could be lost. That I will fall back into the mindset associated with the upright version of this card, I don't want that.

What should I do about all this?

2 of Pentacles

I need to be careful about taking on too much. I am in danger of overloading myself. I need to take a step back and look where I can simplify my life. This will help me keep all my balls up in the air.