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For my future self

this spread is from The Tarot Diagnosis , the reading is done by me

What I am doing well

2 of Wands

To me this looks like a preparatory phase. This guy is still in the castle walls but he is looking out into the world. This makes me think of someone preparing for a journey. He hold a world in his hand which makes me think of having your pick of whatever you want. So it seems that I am in the beginning phases of some journey to attain some goal that I desire. I am doing a good job preparing for what I will need to do in the future.

What I am screwing up


I find this to be a very balanced card. The angel stands evenly on both the water and the ground. I see this as symbolizing a balance between the logical mind and emotions. I need to be have a more controlled and balanced approach to these two things. I need to realize that emotions are not always facts and that in some situations it is more appropriate to defer to my logical mind. I also notice that this scene is taking place in on oasis seemingly removed from the world. I think this means that taking some time in solitude can help me in this balancing act.

My hopes for the future

9 of Cups

To me this card points to basking in your accomplishments. This guy is sitting happily in front of a bunch of his trophies. So it looks like I am hoping to accomplish some milestone achievements in the coming days. It looks like I am hoping that my work will be recognized in some way. Another thing I notice is that his guy is sitting on a kind of uncomfortable looking bench. It's hard and has no back. He cannot sit on it comfortably for a long period of time. So maybe this could mean that though it is nice to enjoy these achievements I need to remember that eventually I will need to move on from them. They are temporary moments of satisfaction. Being temporary I should enjoy them to the fullest while they are here.

My fears about the future

R Justice

It looks like I fear some type of injustice, what type I am not sure.

What I should do about this

R King of Wands

As wands have to do with action. I feel like the king of wands would be bursting at the seams to take action so, since this is reversed I take this to mean that I am to not take action. I need to have patience and let somethings work themselves out behind the scenes. For the what am I doing well card it focused on preparatory actions. So I think this card is touching on a similar vein.