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Hatha Flow : Page of Wands

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Time: About 45 minutes.

The page of wands is full of great ideas but is not ready to take action on them yet, his wand is still resting on the ground. In this class will we be embracing this grounding energy while energizing it a bit to encourage growth from the planning stage of the page to a more action oriented approach of the knight.

This class is moderately energizing and warming. I recommend performing it in the morning to help wake you up for the day.

I know it can be hard to flow through a class while reading a paper. Recording yourself reading this class and then playing it back why you do the flow may help.

When reading please take a pause after the name of each pose of at least 2 deep breaths to enable you to hold the pose.

Please move slowly through this sequence. Try to remain aware of your breath throughout the entire class. Keeping your breath long, slow, deep and silent as much as you can. If you lose awareness of your breath that is ok. Once you realize you have lost focus simply refocus your awareness back to your breath.

sit on your knees

place your hands on the floor in front of you

bring your big toes together to touch

widen you knees as you sit your hips back towards your heels

walk your hands forward and bring your forehead closer towards the ground

you may rest your forehead on a block or pillow if you like

child’s pose

pull the shoulders down and away from the ears

come to hands and knees

drop your belly towards the floor while raising your gaze to the ceiling

hold for 1 deep breath

arch your spine up towards the ceiling while lowering your gaze

hold for one deep breath


repeat cat/cow 3 times (if reading pause for 6-8 breaths before reading on)

spread your fingers wide

tuck your toes

press up into a plank position

raise your hips up and back

check that your shoulders are down and away from your ears

turn your index fingers slightly out towards the edges of your mat rather than pointing them straight forward

down dog

raise right leg

step it through to the front of your mat

you will be on the ball of your back foot

rise up with your hips facing forward

your back foot should be slightly off set to the right of your front foot

keep a bend in your front knee, make sure you can still see you toes