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How can I have more gratitude?


R Queen of Pentacles

Pentacles have to do with material things. This queen has her throne out in nature. Everywhere around her the plants are blooming. I see what looks like lakes and mountains in the background. I feel that this card is very connected to nature. As this card is reversed I think it is pointing to me distancing my self too much from nature. I see this as a call to stop my habits of staying indoors too much and to get out into the nature that surrounds me.


King of Cups

The king of cups is floating nonchalantly on the sea, seemingly steady amongst the waves. This speaks to his mastery over his emotions. He does not let them get the better of him. This is also a card of artistic mastery. The ship in the back points to the ability to handle life's ups and downs. So, since this in the embrace position, I think i need to accept that I have control over my emotions. I also need to embrace that I have the ability to gain artistic mastery. Stoked!


R Three of Swords

I see this as a call for forgiveness. There may have been some things in the past that hurt me and I am not yet over them. Now is the time for me to move on from these events.


Spending more time in nature and taking accountability for my own emotional state will help me feel more grateful. Hurts that I am holding onto from the past are blocking me experiencing more gratitude. I need to take whatever lesson this difficult experience had to teach me to heart, and then move on with my life.