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How can I love myself more?


R 10 of Pentacles

When I get this card upright I see a very stable situation. A picture of a traditional family who is well provided for. This makes me think of honoring family traditions. So, as I got this card reversed, maybe it is pointing to going against tradition. In the upright position this card has to do with financial abundance as well. So maybe this points to some of the possible trappings of wealth in it's reversed position. Upright there is a connection to the idea of a legacy, but what would that mean when turned on it's head? Maybe living in the moment?

So what I am getting from this card is: rather than going with whatever is traditionally expected of me, go with what resonates with me. Realize that the pursuit of wealth can still leave me unfulfilled. Focus on those things in my life that bring me fulfillment and peace. Recognize that I do not need a lot of wealth and material possessions to be happy. Remember to live here, in the present moment. It is all well and good to plan for my future, but don't forget to enjoy the moment I am actually experiencing too.


6 of Pentacles

This is a card of charity, generosity, giving and receiving. There is an obvious hierarchy in this card. This card shows me that I am depending too much on the help of others. To me that means I am depending on external sources to provide my sense of self worth. I am over valuing other people's opinions. If I take the perspective that I am the giver in the card, I see that I am measuring out what I think is worthy of my self love and what is not. Since this is in the hurting position, I take this to mean that I am conditionally loving myself to my detriment.

Action to Take

The Magician

Taking an idea and bringing it to life in the material realm. Great powers of manifestation. To me this card seems to be saying the power is in my hands. If I want to love myself more I am free to do so, the only thing really standing in my way is myself. The magician has all the suits on his table, this says to me that all the necessary tools to love myself more are already available to me.

In Summary

I need to open my eyes to how much of happiness is made up of things that, not only are not money, but are things that money can't buy me. I need to more fully embrace the present moment and let go of the harsh self-critical voice in my head. Stop relying on external validation and learn to unconditionally love myself. While doing these things may seem hard to me, I actually am very well equipped to make this change. Now I just have to decide to do so and take action towards my desire.