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How can I release and trust in the universe more?


10 of Cups

Domestic bliss. A card full of happiness, love and rejoicing. This family is blessed and is well aware of it. They both celebrate and show gratefulness for all their good favor.

By looking around and opening my eyes to all that I am already currently blessed with I can learn to trust in the universe. I should take some time to look at my life and remember back when I used to wish for things which are a regular part of my life now. Recognize the luxuries that I take for granted as a part of everyday life, clean hot running water for example. Remember to show my gratefulness for all the good in my life.


2 of Wands

This guy is stuck inside his comfortable castle walls. Not yet read to venture out into the bigger world. Perhaps he has achieved a great deal where he is and venturing out into the wider world would mean he'd have to leave all that behind.

Me staying in my comfort zone is hurting the situation. Even though it is scary and uncomfortable, I just need to take my leap of faith. I need to get out there and try doing something different. It means coming outside those stone walls so it may make me feel vulnerable.