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How can I release my insecurities?

1. Past

5 of Swords

For me, this card is all about defeat, and a humiliating one at that. So, I am letting a past failure, or disappointment, hold me back from feeling self confident. It seems like I tried to overcome my insecurities but was unsuccessful. Perhaps I have been letting this hold me back from trying again and it is time to release this defeat.

2. Present

10 of Wands

This guy is overburdened. Why does he need so many wands anyways? And if he does need them why does he have to carry them all at once like that. Holding them looks so awkward. There seems like there has to be a better way. I feel this is saying that I am putting unneeded pressure on myself. The guy in the card seems perfectly free to put these wands down whenever he wants. So perhaps I am not recognizing my freedom to put down these insecurities at any time. That's not to say it will be easy, but that I am capable of doing so.

3. Future

8 of Swords

Her legs are not bound so she can remove herself from this situation which reemphasizes my freedom to release these insecurities. This is made more difficult by the fact that she is blindfolded and her hands are bound. But she could figure out cutting her bindings on a sword, freeing her hands to remove her blindfold. But I get the sense that she has given up and therefore is not trying. Perhaps she really believes she is trapped. She does after all, have a blind fold on so she may not be able to see the way out of her predicament right now. Something may blind me and make me falsely believe I am trapped. So in my future I will be able to free myself but I may not realize how to do it right away. I should try to take a different perspective on the situation. By looking at things from a different angle new solutions will present themselves to me.

Action to Take

4 of Swords

To me this card is showing the moment before someone comes out of the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus looks very to be made of very strong stone, as swords are related to the mind, this makes me think of a rigid mindset. Perhaps this is speaking to opening my mind. I may not want to because it is comfortable in the old mindset whereas new experiences may not feel as safe. Looking at the window it is made of beautiful stained glass and features someone blessing another. I think this shows what I will experience if I come out of my shell.

In Summary

To release my insecurities I need to release my fixation on past failures. I need to recognize that I am not trapped and it is perfectly within my power to rid myself of these insecurities. I need to look for unexpected or unconventional ways of working through these issues. This journey requires me to come out of my comfort zone. It may make me feel vulnerable but in the long run it will be good for me.

How would you have interpreted this spread?


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