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How can I strengthen my spirituality?

This was a reading I did for a friend that they generously allowed me to share.

Past Actions

Queen of Cups

She is seating on a throne very near the seaside, almost in the water. Her dress flows into and becomes the water. When I see water in the tarot I think of creativity and the subconscious mind. This queen is so connected to these things that they are merging with her. So in the past you explored your subconscious as a means to connecting and exploring your spirituality. It is likely that you used your creativity as the mechanism for the exploration.

Past Mindset

R Strength

You are having a hard time motivating yourself. It seems that you did not really have much drive to pursue your spirituality. It's not there was no desire there. More so it seems that there was a lack of will. It takes discipline, time and effort for this woman to tame this lion. I think you realized that your spiritual practice was going to take a certain amount of effort and you had not found a way to rouse it up in yourself.

Present Actions

R The Tower

There is some type of block. In this orientation the tower has no foundation whatsoever. Due to this we know this tower will eventually fall. From this I surmise that whatever this block is, it will inevitably fall. Upright the tower has to do with dramatic change. So maybe you know that you need to make a change but are resisting it for some reason. Change can be scary but you aren't going to get different results without changing what you are doing.

Present Mindset

The Chariot

Wow, a card of great will. It seems that right now you feel motivated and capable. The main thing that pops out to me about this card is the lack of reins. This charioteer is driving through will alone. This takes focus and he must maintain his focus throughout his journey. Look at the two sphinxes. They are facing in opposite directions. If the charioteer looses his focus they will run off in opposite directions. It seems you feel you are ready to spend more time on your spiritual journey.

What to do

3 of Wands

At gateway card, the 3 of wands invites you to enter into a new world. You have come a long way to get to where you are now, just as it must have took this man a long time to get to the top of this mountain. But as we look to where he is looking, we see ships and a broad horizon. There is much more to explore. The wands looks like some type of marker, a door or portal almost. The man in standing right in the door, but he has not gone through it. It is time for you to make a decision. You are at the threshold of an opportunity. Will you proceed to the shore line, board a ship and explore a new world? Or would you like to go back to what you are familiar with? It is your choice. Should you choose to step into something new I think you would broaden your horizons a great deal.


In the past exploration of the subconscious connected you to your spirituality. However, you may have struggled with motivation and willpower of keeping up a consistent practice.

Right now you are feeling capable and willing to devote more effort to your spiritual path however, you are resisting it for some reason. You are invited to step out of your comfort zone.