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How will my upcoming trip go?

Stop 1

R 8 of Cups

Upright this cup is about leaving an unfulfilling situation. So reversed I see it as a sort of return to something from my past which did not bring me fulfillment.

Stop 2

R 10 of Pentacles

Some type of conflict having to do with an outside view. Perhaps some people will disapprove of me somehow. This will most likely involve someone I have a close relationship with, or at least one that I have invested a lot of time in. They are looking onto my life and they are not pleased with what they see.

Stop 3

R The Sun

Upright this card exudes happiness and warmth. I see it as a very positive card. So something on this stop is going to drain my happiness. Again this seems to point to some type of conflict, a loss in playfulness as well. Damn dude so stop 2 and 3 are going to have a type of conflict. Ok, not exactly what I was looking for honestly.

Stop 4


I will get my just desserts.

What I Will Learn

R Wheel of Fortune

??? Ok so the wheel is the opposite direction than is usually is. This could mean a turn of luck, perhaps even misfortune. I don't control fortune and maybe this is something I will have to come to terms with this change of my fortune. Having to admit that external factors which I do not control are at play.

Overall Experience

6 of Wands

A victory parade. Ok good! So even though it looks like I am going to come across some friction I am going to still have a good overall experience. It looks like I will have some sense of accomplishment by the end of it.