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Illuminate blind spots

I came across this cool spread on Instagram from @1bridgetowens, her website is

1. What blinds me?

8 of Swords

Her legs are not bound but she is blindfolded. She is probably walking around blindly. This may point to me not being able to see where I am going. Maybe I do not realize the full scope of my actions.

2. What I choose not to look at

7 of Wands

A challenge. I am not acknowledging the challenge that it is going to require to achieve my goals. This card also speaks of competition to me. The competitors are trying to knock this guy down and take his position. Fighting to keep your ground. Something I am working on is going to be far more work than I am acknowledging.

3. The truth I most need to see

R 9 of Swords

Reversed the swords look like they are falling away from the figure in the card. So the truth I most need to see is that my troubles are going to fall away. This could also be a suggestion for me to let go.