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Managing Frustration

Here is another great prompt from the tarot diagnosis

How do I feel about the situation

Knight of Swords

In this card the knight is seen charging forward. The horse looks like it's sprinting and the knight's face looks determined. The charging forward part of the card jumps out the most to me. Looking at the trees they look as though a strong wind is pushing them toward the knight. So the knight may be charging head first into a coming storm. This makes me think I feel I have rushed into a situation. Maybe I should have taken a bit more time to think before I jumped in head first.

What do I want to be true about the situation

4 of Swords

To me this card reads solitude, recuperation, protection and peace. So I what I want to be true is that I will get solace. This card looks like it takes place in a church. Churches are suppose to be safe havens. The statue looks like it is in a calm state of mediation. I want peace. I want to be protected from the worries of the world. Perhaps the church setting points to a craving for a type of spiritual connection.

In what ways is my shadow self manifesting in the situation

8 of Swords

The person in this card is bound and blindfolded surrounded by sharp, potentially harmful swords. They are all alone and it looks like they are somewhere where waves wash up. So all around the person is not in a safe place. However, if we look more closely their legs are not bound. So they still have options for freeing themselves. As they may run into the sharp swords as they attempt to walk, freeing themselves will not be without its challenges. Perhaps my shadow self is manifesting in a type of me feeling or acting like a helpless victim. But this person can walk so they can find their way to a sword, cut the bindings from their hands and body and consequently remove their blindfold. They may get a little cut up along the way and it may be scary to move around when they can't see, but that doesn't mean they should just stand there and wait to get washed out to sea.

What do I need from those involved

Page of Wands

This page's head is held high, their body posture is one of confidence and they look very focused on their wand. Wands represent energy, will power and action. To me this means someone who is focused on their goals and is steadfastly working towards them. They also have a feather in their cap which could point to achievement. So I could need the people involved to embody this energy in order to inspire me to do the same and to help me believe it is possible.

What do I need from myself

The Hierophant

To me this card is about learning within well established structures. I need to commit myself to some type of structured system. I don't usually like to do that. I prefer to be a bit more free form and learn by doing so that would be quite the change for me. But that doesn't mean it can't be helpful. Perhaps this points to being taken on by a mentor who can open up new things for me.


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