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Please give me some guidance on how I can improve my art.

1. Helping

R judgement

Upright judgement is a calling to a higher purpose. Being reborn with a new fresh way of looking at life and how you live it. But I got it reversed so what does that mean? These energies are receding and that is helping, ok. So what I see is I have found a purpose for my life and have adapted my way of life to focus on that purpose.

2. Hurting

King of Cups

What king of cups for hurting I always think of this as a really positive card, aspirational even. Ok so, this guy is a master of his emotions. He is also a card of artistic mastery. He wears a fish, symbol of the subconscious, medallion (Rider Waite deck) around his neck. He stares straight off in the distance not looking at anything in the picture. Compare that to the queen of cups who is staring directly at the ornate cup she has created for herself. Again comparing the king and queen, the queen is connected to the water, he garments flowing into it and becoming it. Whereas, the king is floating on a stone block no part of him or his clothing touching any of the water. I think these two things are the key here. So, staring off could be connected to focusing my attention on the future too much. Too much planning with my logical mind to try and force the future I am imagining to materialize for myself. While simultaneously blocking myself off from my subconscious. So maybe I need to open myself to the flow of the universe and trust a little more. Follow my instinct and trust it will take me on a journey I will enjoy.

3. Action to take

R Ace of Wands

What the action is to take the root of action and let it leave? That seems counterintuitive to me but ok lets think about this. Upright I read the ace of wands as the gift of a huge amount of energy. It is up to me how I use this energy, this card is a seed it is not a promise of what will be made of it, that part is up to me. But this is reversed, these energies are being called to recede. So I need to do less? Perhaps this means focusing my attention more, dividing it less, finding areas I am spending my energy needlessly and cut them out. I do not feel 100% clear on the direction I am suppose to take here so I am going to draw a clarification card or two.

4. Please clarify card 3

R Two of Swords

Opening up to the world, showing my cards a bit more. Finally making a decision. Ok so maybe part of "doing less" from the R ace of wands is to stop sending my energy blocking myself off from the world. Stop being so private release the energy it takes to do this by just being open and honest.

5. Please summarize the most important message of this spread in one card


Card of luxury and fertility. There is a richness and an ornate quality to the look of this card. As well as a Venus, goddess of love, feel. I asked what I can do to improve my art... embrace my tendency to overdose on prints in my work and channel these pieces from a place of love. Create because I love it, make pieces that I love, imbue my creations with love.


Ok overall here, combining this all together what tha fak am I suppose to do here? Get comfortable with the fact that I no longer feel that I am suppose to be doing something other than what I am doing, I have had the good luck to arrive at my purpose. Remember how many times I have tried to force a particular future for myself, fighting the natural current of my life. Remember the way that felt. Release this need to have to try so hard to have to "know" where my life is going. Go with the flow, release resistance to the natural journey my life is taking. Concern myself with making pieces that make me feel love when I look at them rather than how this is going to be me a b and c.


Another thing I noticed when comparing the king and queen of cups is the queen stares intently at her cup which is super ornate, but the king, who seems not even to notice his cup, has a very simply designed cup. I feel this is meaningful but I am not 100 on what it means. Any ideas ?