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Reality Check

Spread from the tarot diagnosis, I love the spreads they share. They're quite introspective, which I personally like.

What is the actual reality?

R Three of Swords

Forgiveness. The storm is receding and the swords are beginning to fall from the heart. This appears to be a time of healing. Some deep emotional wounds are being worked on. They have not yet fully healed, but they are on the way to doing so.

What are my distortions of reality?

R Knight of Cups

This card has to do with the delivering of unwelcome news and/or unfulfilled promises. Looking at the overall spread, the knights face is towards the 3 of swords which makes me think they are related somehow. So what I am getting in do to past heartaches I am distrusting of the offers of others. As the knight of cups is a very positive card upright, pulling it in the reversed position makes me think that my distortion of reality is viewing it in a much more negative light than needed. To me the knight of cups has a very romantic personality when positioned upright. This makes me think that I may be overlooking some of the love and romance that is currently surrounding my life.

How this reality helps me grow

Six of Pentacles

This helps me grow by making me more grateful for the things that are given to me. It makes me more grateful for the positives I do notice in my life. By looking at all the struggle around in the world I can see clearer all the luxuries and blessings that are already occurring in my everyday life.

What in this reality do I let go?

R Queen of Cups

Upright this queen represents great creativity and connection to the unconscious. But I got her reversed. I feel this woman in the card is representing myself. So I take this to mean that I need to release doubt of my creative abilities. I need to take a more positive view on my work. Celebrate my achievements instead of just focusing on what I can improve.

How does this reality change me?

Seven of Cups

It looks like it will open up a multitude of opportunities for me. I should carefully weigh my options before I decide to pursue any of these opportunities. This thinking through is important because some of these opportunities do not lead to a pleasant result. Some do though. I need to make sure I am clear on what it is a really want long term before I act on any of these. This will help me see which of them is right for me.

In summary

I am in a time of healing. In the past, my baseline mindset has had an overly negative outlook. I need to focus on what is good, rather than solely on how things can be improved. I need to release my doubt of my creative ability. Moving forward focusing on the positives and having faith in my abilities will open many doors for me . I need to take my time and think my decision through before I act on any of the opportunities that present themselves to me. Do thorough research and only act on the ones that are completely inline with the goals I have for myself.


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