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Releasing Anxiety

Current Anxieties

Ace of Pentacles

This card screams materials concerns to me. Perhaps I am worried about money, my career or even my home at this time. This card is set within a walled garden. Through the gateway of the garden we see a set of mountain peaks. When I see mountains in the tarot I think of challenges to be overcome. Perhaps this is pointing to leaving

the comfort of this abundant and safe garden to climb these mountains, to take on a new challenge. Outside of the wall of the garden is less safe. I may not know for sure what is out there but it may be time for me to take the plunge and find out. It makes sense that anxiety may be coupled with this experience, as the unknown and change often cause us discomfort and stress.

Unrealized Anxieties

R 7 of Swords

Upright I connect this card with trickery so reversed I feel it points to some type of truth coming out. Normally, I would think the truth coming out as a good thing. But here it is causing my anxiety. So maybe I am feeling I am a fake in some way. Perhaps I am suffering from some imposter syndrome and fear being "found out". Whether I truly am fake or if it is my insecurities poisoning my mind is another story. Perhaps to rest of the spread can help to clear that up for me.


4 of Pentacles

Upright, I connect this image with hoarding of money and overvaluing money. But I got it in reversed so I may have been spending too freely. I have not been using my resources in the most prudent manner. The resources I have been mismanaging could be more than just money. It could also be talking about my time.


10 of Pentacles

Another pentacle! My anxieties are definitely focuses in the material world right now. I connect this card to legacy, family ties and a windfall of cash. So maybe it is causing me to lean more heavily on my family and has me hoping for a magical solution to fall into my lap (not the best plan if you ask me). The good news is this card shows my that I have the support around me should I decide to call on it but, personally, I don't want to do that. I like to stand on my own two feet. So, since depending on others is something I do not want to do, I need to change something quickly in my opinion,

How to release

R 10 of Wands

Here I see a need to let my guard down. Perhaps I am putting up boundaries due to fear which is holding me back. In my first card, Ace of Pentacles, a new challenge is pointed to. But, I have to leave the comfort o

f what I know to tackle said challenge. In this card, I see the mountain top again, but through a fence of wands. Since the card is reversed, perhaps this fence is unnecessary and it is up to me to pull it down. How am I standing in my own way? What actions did I decide to take to cause these anxieties? Referring back to the reversed 4 of Pentacles that showed up, it looks like I

carelessly used my resources. I need to take responsibility for my past actions not try to avoid or run away from them. After that I need to change. Change the way I spend my resources and change my resistance to the unknown. I need to buckle down, ignore the fear of failing and go climb that mountain.