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Releasing Judgement

How am I judging this person

R 3 of Cups

Upright this is a card of celebration with friends and points to a time of harvest. But this card is reversed so maybe this is point to a lack of spending time together. If I am judging them without having spent much time together I must be depending on things I have heard from other people rather than my direct experience. So perhaps gossip if a factor here.

Why am I judging this person

R 2 of Swords

Ok another reversed card. Upright I notice the blindfold and how the person has blocked off their heart with their arms. So maybe this card is telling me I need to open myself up and take my blinders off. Maybe I have been too guarded and untrusting towards this person. The need to take off the blindfold says to me that I am refusing to look at something. Perhaps, there is evidence to the contrary of my opinion but I simply ignore it or choose not to believe it. Perhaps I am judging this person because I am weaving my own story about what they think and who they are without much evidence.

What is true about my judgement

The Moon

In the half light of the moon it may be difficult to see things are they really are. So perhaps there is something that isn't as it seems with this person. But that doesn't necessarily mean that what cannot be seen is a character flaw or something bad. It could just as easily mean that there is something great that I cannot see, I just don't know which one it is.

What is untrue about my judgment


This card is about transformation. So maybe I am judging this person or feeling weird about them and because of that I think they need to change. But as this falls in the position of an untrue belief it seems that change is not needed here. This card is also connected to letting go. So even though I may think it is appropriate to distance myself from this person due to my judgement it seems I am incorrect.

What am I judging in myself by judging this person

R 8 of Cups

Upright this card speaks to leaving a situation for better things even though the situation you are leaving may still be pleasant. So reversing this to me speaks to staying in a situation which is not ideal and stagnation. So something about this person makes me see the areas where I am stagnant in my own life. They are showing me where I can improve, which really is a good thing.

How can I release this judgement

R Page of Cups

I think this is saying to stop letting my imagination run wild and basing my opinions on it. Ground myself in reality. Open myself up emotionally and see where it goes. Take the time to have more experiences with the person and slowly form my opinion based on my first hand knowledge of them.