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The Chariot Morning Wake Up Flow

The charioteer directs his chariot through his will power and this is what we will be tapping into today. We are going to train our will power today by holding each pose for a bit. Please do your best to hold the pose for the full time. However, feel free to come in and out of the poses as your body calls for it. This class should take aproximately 40 minutes

come onto your stomach

place your elbows under your shoulders

palms facing down

inhale gentle push into your arms

lift your chest off the ground and elongate your head towards the ceiling

exhale lower back down to the floor

repeat this 3 more times

now hold in the upright position for 3 long breaths


exhale lower down

press up to hands and knees

hands directly under your shoulders

knees directly under your hips

inhale look up and drop your belly towards the floor

exhale bring your gaze to the floor and arc your back towards the ceiling

repeat this following your breath for 6 more rounds

cat cow

come back to a neutral spine

inhale lift your knees off the ground

exhale push your hips up and back

take any movements that feel good here

then come into stillness

hold for 10 breaths

downward facing dog

walk your hands back to meet your feet

inhale come all the way up slowly

check that your feet are about hips distance apart

standing tall raise your arms up overhead

keep your shoulders down away from your ears

extend through the crown of your head

hold for 10 breaths

mountain pose

grab your right wrist with your left hand

lean over to you right side

hold for 5 breaths then repeat on the other side

side stretch

inhale come back to center

exhale fold forward keeping legs most straight

hold for 5 breaths

forward fold

place you hands on the ground, it's fine to bend your knees

walk you hands forward

hips up and back </