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The Devil Flow

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

intermediate class, warming

time: 40 minutes or more, depending on how long you mediate at the end.

Youtube playlist can be found here

playlist in sequential order:

monsoon dub, Desert Dwellers

balkan spirit, Sufi's Life & Merlin

soul sanctuary bwoy de bhajan remix, Kaya Project

shadow lurker, Kala Scintilla,

crossing the desert, Desert Dwellers

hands and knees

tuck your toes hands directly under your shoulders

inhale, drop your belly towards the floor while looking up


exhale, arch your back and look to the floor


repeat cat cow 4 times

wrist warm up

come back to a neutral spine

slowly make circles with your wrists while keeping your palms on the floor

complete 4 circles

circle in the opposite direction

complete 4 circles

tuck your toes

inhale, lift your knees

exhale, press your hips up and back

down dog

straighten one leg while bending the other

do the same on the other side

taking any movements that your body calls for, whatever feels good

coming into stillness

hold for 4 breaths

walk hands back to meet your feet

inhale, slowly rise up to standing

bring your arms overhead palms facing in towards one another

slide your shoulders down and out from your ears

mountain pose

inhale, interlace hands pointer finger extended to ceiling

exhale, lean to one side

hold for 2 breathes

inhale come back to center

repeat on the other side

inhale, come back to center

interlace hands behind back palms touching