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The Hermit Yin

Time: 25 - 30 minutes

Equipment: A wall

Level: All Levels

To me, the hermit is very much about wisdom gained through solitary meditation. As such, I ask that you think of this class more as a meditation class than as a regular yoga class. We will hold each of our poses for several breaths. During these holds please close your eyes and focus on maintaining long, slow and deep breathing. Bring your awareness inward and see what you find.

please come to a comfortable seated position with your back against a wall

still sit up straight and elongate through the crown of your head

press your back into the wall

use the wall as support to lengthen your spine even further

place your hands in a comfortable position on your lap

close your eyes

take a deep inhale breath through your nose and a loud, open mouth, exhale

now quiet your breath while remaining to breath deeply

do your best to stay still throughout as much of the meditation as possible

5 minute seated meditation against the wall

take a deep inhale and a long slow and deep open mouth exhale

rub your hands up and down your thighs and slowly blink your eyes open

bring your legs straight out in front of you

remain with an erect spine against the wall

place your hands on the ground at your sides, palm's down

hold for 10 breaths

I invite you to close your eyes during this hold

staff pose against the wall

please scoot away from the wall

come forward onto your knees and sit on your heels

your toes may be tucked or untucked, I prefer tucked

elongate your head towards the celling

hold for 5 breaths

hero's pose

on an exhale come forward onto all fours

keeping your big toes touching bring your knees out wider

extend your arms out in front of you palms touching the floor

sit back towards your heels while bringing your forehead to the floor

hold for 10 breaths

child's pose

inhale hair your head up

walk your hands forward to come onto your belly

stack your hands in the middle of the mat bringing your elbows out wide

rest your forehead on your stacked hands and completely relax

hold for 5 breaths

on an inhale come up to all fours

hand directly under your shoulders

knees under your hips