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What actions should I be taking to get my business to a 9 of pentacles position?

Updated: May 12, 2021

1. Short Term

9 of cups

A time of feasting. Having fun and celebrating my victories. The person in the card looks content. However, the bench he is sitting on is wooden which isn't great to sit on for a long period of time. I take this to mean I am to enjoy what I have accomplished now. I should enjoy my lifestyle I have now. This type of life I have now is temporary, so drink it in while it is here.

2. Long Term

R 4 of Cups

Be open to opportunities that present themselves to me. These may come around in unexpected ways but that is not a reason to shut myself off from them. Have confidence and faith that the road to where I want to go will be presented to me.

3. Out of My Control


I see the emperor sits on a rigid stone throne covered in armor. In the armor I see a layer of protection from the outside. The rigidity of the throne makes me think of strict rules. I also see tall mountains with what looks like sheer cliff faces covering them. I also see a small river passing through, what looks to me like, sand. As rivers often represent our emotions is does not seem like the emotional life is very strong with this card. I also see ram's and maybe bull's skulls on the thrown. I see that as Tarus and Aries both very strong willed signs. Its making me think of a gatekeeper, a video game boss. There is some type of barrier that I have to get through. There's no way round I need to go through. I am still a little unclear.

4. Clarification on Card 3

R Ace of Cups

It is out of my control what other people think of my work. All I can do is make the best thing I can and let everyone else form their own opinions from there. Do not depend on the accolades of others for my feelings of self worth.


Focus on the victories I have right now, today. Be open to unexpected opportunities. But know that there are some gatekeepers I will have to get through. I cannot make them value my work, but I can present the best thing I can make at that time.