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What beliefs should I let go of?


R 9 of Cups

Dissatisfaction. The feeling that in the past I have come up short and under performed. There may be some feeling of not being acknowledged for achievements.


R 4 of Pentacles

This guy clutches his pentacle. This card reads frugality to me. But it is reversed so I see being more generous with spending. But it is a belief I should let go of so it is a call to be more frugal then?


R The Sun

Negativity, being pessimistic. So not trusting in my abilities to reach my goals and create the future I dream for myself..

In Summary

I need to have an overall more positive, less critical view of my life in general. I need to acknowledge my accomplishments. I need to be considerate with my spending and practice optimism when I am thinking about my future. Trust that I know what is best for me and am equipped to create the future I am dreaming of.