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What can I do to increase my self belief?

How do I doubt myself?

The Tower

To me the tower is connected to dramatic change. So I doubt myself through too much change. If I look at the card while thinking of this I am drawn to the crown. This crown is being blown off the top of this tower. To me crowns speak to achievement. So I need to practice more patience in the journey of achieving my goals. Right now I am working to build the tower. Then, right when I get the crown on top of it, I change directions and tear the whole thing down to start a new. I tell myself that I cannot achieve this goal since it is taking longer to accomplish than I expected. Then I decide to believe this lie and drop the pursuit of this goal for another, new one.

What false beliefs do I hold?

The World

Maybe this is saying I think the world is fair and balanced in the long run, when really it isn't like that. Normally I think of this card as a very positive one. It is full of balance and serenity. But due to it coming up in this position I think it is saying I am viewing the world with rose colored glasses. Time to take them off and really see what I need to do to get to where I want to be.

What is standing in my way?

8 of Swords

I take this as I am standing in my own way. It might take a little effort, but the woman in this card is perfectly capable of getting herself out of this situation. She can free her arms by walking to a sword and using it to cut the ropes around her arms. With her arms free she can remove the blindfold. Now, unbound and able to see, she is free to go where she chooses.

What is helping me?

9 of Wands

Setting boundaries and learning to say no. Prioritizing myself.