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What does the coming month hold for me? June 2021

Beginning of the Month

R Three of Cups

The three of cups is a time of rejoicing shared with friends. Reversed this energy will be receding in influence over my life. So the beginning of the month may be a time of solitude for me. Seems like a good time to meditate and center myself.

Middle of the Month

Seven of Cups

There are many options available to me. The trick here is that not every option available is actually good for me. I need to be discerning. It seems getting clear on what it is I really want would help make the right decision. That's good since in the beginning of the month I have a time of solitude I can spend meditating on it.

End of the Month

Four of Swords

It's hard to tell if this sarcophagus is opening or closing. Whichever it is, the person inside is protected and hidden from the outside world. This may be pointing to me having the opportunity to come out of my shell. I also see some type of blessing being given in the window, so maybe the end of the month will be a peaceful time. But I notice the swords are hanging above the statue's head. So maybe in my mind coming out of my shell seems scary for some reason. Either way, it is my choice whether to stay or rise up.