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What habits do I need to release?


R King of Wands

In the past I have burned too hot. I have been impatient and irritable. I have been too laser focused on my personal goals. I could take heed of other peoples' wants more.


The Sun

I see this as needing to release my inner child. I need to find a way to embrace play more in my life. I need to learn to be happy with what is right now. Opening my eyes to all the beauty around me.


R Knight of Swords

I need to slow down. I don't need to be in such a rush to get to where I imagine I want to be. I see a call to stop and really think things through before I take action.


I need to release my laser focus on achieving my goals as quickly as I can. I need to slow down, have patience and enjoy my journey. I need to learn to play and have fun more in my every day life. It seems that I have been living with imbalanced priorities. I need to value fun and loved ones more than I am right now. It's not all about work and achievement.