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What is holding me back?



When I think of Justice I think of truth, fairness and getting what your deserve. She reminds me of a court of law. So what I see is my looking back, over analyzing the past, is holding me back. Spending my brain power going over and over things I can't change isn't going to do anything positive for me. I also see hear a kind of "tit for tat" mentality. Maybe I am holding onto things people have done in the past that I simply need to move on from. I am spending too much time judging the past. I need to live in the present leaving the past there.


R 9 of Swords

Upright this card says to me: anxiety, worries, nightmares, mental health issues and/or mental pain. Usually when I pull this card reversed, I interpret it at these anxieties and mental issues receding like the swords, which appear to be falling away from the person. But why would lessening nightmares and worry be holding me back? This person has their eyes covered. So maybe the problem isn't that all these issues are subsiding. Maybe the issue here is that I can't or am choosing not to see it. I need to open my eyes to the improvements that I am currently experiencing.


10 of Cups

Alright great, I love the 10 of cups. Such a happy card. Ok, this is card depicts a time of rejoicing. These people are blessed with a happy, beautiful, fun and abundant life. They look like they are praising the rainbow. I take this to mean that, not only are they aware of how abundantly they have been blessed, they are grateful for it too. This card exudes happiness but, if you look, they don't seem to own anything extraordinarily special. They have a nice house in some wonderful nature off in the distance. But it's not a big walled castle or anything and yet, they seem to have so much. Right here is where I see my lesson in this card. I do not need some special possession to bring this energy into my life. The energy of this card is found in celebrating all the blessings I already have. So what is holding me back in the future is overlooking all that I have to be grateful for right now.

How would you have interpreted the reversed 9 of swords in the present position? I had to think about that one for a while.