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Would Joshua Tree, California be a good place for me to move?

1. Professionally

R Star

Hmmm that doesn't look too good. To me the upright star is a time of peace and harmony. Being a bit removed from the cares of everyday life and just being able to flow. So these energies would recede in my life professionally in association with Joshua Tree. Ok, lame I was thinking it would be a good place to purchase a house but now I do not feel so confident about that. It looks like an time of doubting my work and of a negative mindset.

2. Personally


Traditional structures and ways of being. Following a path already set out by someone else. Well I don't like this either. I like to pave my own way. So I do not think Joshua Tree is the place I am looking for.

Darn it I thought I had come up with a semi-genius plan, looks like it wasn't in the cards.


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