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What should i focus on this month to best aid my growth and happiness? March 2021

I got the idea from a spread I saw on for beginning, middle, and end of the week.

1. Beginning of the month

10 of swords reversed

I see a releasing of old wounds. These things may have hurt meet deeply in the past but now I have the opportunity to let them go. Also a call to release victimhood, recognize my choice is how I react to being hurt. Do I collapse on the floor allowing the pain to topple my whole house of cards? Or do I choose to acknowledge what has hurt me, that it hurt me, and then do my best to keep going with my life. Partake in practices that work with forgiveness.

2. Middle of the month


Being honest and fair in my dealings. Whatever I have sown I will now reap. Think my actions through and recognize the consequences of them. Also being honest and fair with myself. Maybe I am not getting as much done as I want to be, but I am truly trying my best. Instead of focusing on what I did not get done, be fair to myself and acknowledge that I am trying my best. Partake in practices that help with clearing the mind.

3. End of the month

Ace of Pentacles

Abundance on the material plane. Seems like I may received a gift or an opportunity during this time. The time seems ripe for me to go after something I have wanted for a while. I need to be conscious that, whatever comes my way at this time, it is up to me to run with it and make something of it. Partake in gratitude practices.