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What will this coming month hold for me? May 2021

Updated: May 12, 2021

1. Professional Life

Page of Cups

The student of creativity and intuition the page of cups is discovering his talents. He is still in the learning phase, but he has started the road to mastery. This card can also reference psychic powers emerging. A fish is a surprising thing to pop out of a cup, but the page looks undisturbed. This points to being calm when presented with unexpected experiences. Stay open to them and just see what happens. So what does this all mean for my professional life? My creativity will begin to bud in some way. I will begin to connect with my intuition resulting in unexpected gifts.

2. Personal Life

R Knight of Wands

Looks like things will be slowing down. I expect to have a calm personal life this coming month. May be advising that I be slow to action in this area during this time.

3. Month Overall

R 6 of Cups

Maturity and leaving home. Leaving home could reference leaving what is comfortable for me. So this month I may be taken outside of my comfort zone. This experience will help me grow into a more mature and independent person.

Ok this month I am going to be taken out of my comfort zone by some surprising experiences. I am to remain open minded and calm throughout.


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