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What you think you become spread

this spread is from The Tarot Diagnosis , the reading is done by me

A negative thought I have about myself

Queen of Swords

I am drawing to the cut rope on the queen's wrist. To me, this brings up the idea of independence. In general, I think of independence as a good thing, but this is suppose to be a negative thought so what could that mean? Maybe I am putting too much emphasis on the importance of independence. Perhaps, in the past, I have looked down on myself when I have accepted help. It looks like I am falsely believing that I have to do everything by myself. This cut cord could also point to a bit of isolation or feelings of loneliness at times.

A new way to think about this

The High Priestess

Clergy members work together under a common set of rules to achieve some great work. So I see am embracing of teamwork. I also associate this card with intuition. So I think I should trust my gut over my logical mind. The high priestess is also associated with removing yourself from the world and with inaction. So I think I need to spend more time in contemplation to reconnect to my subconscious.

A negative thought I have about the world

R 8 of Wands

A sense of impatience to get where I want to go. These wands look like they are still on the ascent which makes me think I am still at the beginning of some journey. So maybe I feel that I have a long way to go before I get to my desired destination. This picture shows many wands heading to the same point but from slightly different angles. This makes me think that many things need to line up in order to get the result that I desire.

A new way to think about this

King of Wands

Kings are the masters of their suit. The wands suit is associated with fire, action and passion. So maybe I can harness my nervous energy from my impatience in the previous card and use this to fuel a bunch of constructive action. This king sits forward in his throne which makes me think he is eager to take on the next challenge. So, transforming my impatient energy into motivation for taking action towards my goals will prove more fruitful approach for me. I should use this impatience to fuel my passion and commitment to reaching my goal as efficiently and effectively as possible.