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Where in my life can I use more positivity?

1. Financially

R 4 of Wands

This cups positive energy is so powerful that being reversed does not change it's energy. It is a time of rejoicing. A time full of faith and trust that things will continue to work out in my favor.

2. Emotionally

8 of Swords

No the most positive card. The woman is alone on the cliffs where waves seemed to have just crashed. Surrounded by sharp swords she stands blindfolded. Her feet and legs, however, are unbound. She can remove herself from the situation if she chooses to, but she has to realize she has this ability as well. To me, I see a type of victimhood here. Maybe I am acting like I have no control or choice when really I do. I am putting some type of restriction on myself, though I may not realize that I am doing so. It is my choice to make. It is my choice how to react to my emotions.

3. Artistically

The Devil

The devil has to do with putting things on a pedestal. It seems similar to the previous card in that the little demons act as if they are chained there. When really, the chained loops around their necks are way bigger than their heads. They could take it off and leave at any time, should they choose to. So maybe there is some goal I am obsessing over way too much. Maybe I need to stop grasping for some goal and release into doing it just for the love of it.

4. Spiritually


This card is full of balance, beauty and peace. One foot is on land and one foot has penetrated the water (unlike the star who's foot rests on the surface of the water). This shows a grounding in the material world as well as a connection to the unconscious, subconscious, intuition whatever you want to call it. There is a path leading towards mountains and a radiant sun. So this is not the end of the path and there are many more challenges to come but this will help me along the way. When I look at this card I think of the feeling after a really good mediation. So I think it is telling me to stay consistent with my mediations. To stop judging the quality of them and just maintain the practice to keep my life flowing in harmony.

5. Overall

R Death

So the energies of transformation receding from my life. I see this as thinking I need to change less. Perhaps I have come to a point where I am on the right track and what is needed now is consistency rather than constantly trying something new. (But I like trying new stuff! >_< )