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Where should I focus my efforts to best help my business? 3-21-2021

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

This spread is based on the daily check in spread from Little Red Tarot which can be found here >>>

1. What I know

Knight of Cups

The horse is moving animatedly, but very slowly. The knight stares transfixed with his cup. Fish, a symbol of the subconscious decorate his clothing. A healthy river flows through the scene representing his healthy emotional life. The knight of cups is a lover of beauty and a romantic. He is in love with love and blessed with creative talents. The knights are connected to action. As cups are more of a passive energy, this knight can feel a bit uncomfortable in this position. Though he may be moving slower than most, he is rousing to movement.

2. What I can learn

10 of Swords

Stabbed in the back. This difficulty will not last for ever, you can see the sun rising, clearing the black sky. Don't let past failures and setbacks pin me down. Don't think the difficulty of the beginning will last forever. Know that people may gossip about me, think/speak poorly of me, or whatever. But, that is not of my concern. Though the stabs in the back might hurt it's up to me to acknowledge it and move on.

3. What is helping

R Knight of Swords

The knight of swords is charging headlong into the wind, hellbent on whatever his mission is. While he is blessed with the gift of great energy, this knight often jumps into things too quickly. It would help him to slow down and think things through a bit more before diving into action.

Since this card is reversed I take this to mean that what is helping me is slowing down. Letting the need to immediately jump into action leave my life. Take my time to really think through the ramifications before I act. Have more patience and don't expect for everything to happen right now. Accept that it may take longer than I want and I may grow slower than I want. Focus on longevity.

4. What is hurting

Page of Pentacles

Focusing too much on money.

Have a different take on this read? I'd love to hear it, let me know down in the comments.