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Why should I meditate?

Mental Effects

6 of Pentacles

I see generosity in this card and balance. I think that I would be the crouched person receiving and the giver would be mediation. The giver in the card hold a set of scales so I think that mediation would give me a more balanced mental state. The picture on this card reminds me of "giving to the needy" so I think mediation will provide my mental state with some help that it needs. A sense of gratefulness is in this card too. I take this to mean that I should remain grateful for the effects of mediation.

Emotional Effects

The World

Well things are looking pretty good this is one of the best cards to get in my opinion. It looks like mediation will bring my emotions into total balance and alignment with the flows of life. If I were looking for an answer to any emotional instabilities it looks like I have found it.

Physical Effects

R 4 of Pentacles

Upright I see hoarding in this card. Reversed I see a release of this tension. This makes me think this card is saying that mediation can help to relieve tension in my body. The person in the card seems weighed down by all these pentacles upright. Reversing this idea I think of some relief of this weighing down. Personally, when I get a little deeper into a mediation I can start to feel like I am floating away a little bit, maybe it has something to do with this.

Social Effects

R The Moon

Upright I connect this card with things not being as they appear, so reversed I think it would mean things coming fully into the light. The moon is also connected to the subconscious, our inner world. Since it's reversed I take this as pointing to turning focus from my inner world to the outer world. So it looks like mediating will help me come out of my shell and get out interacting with other people more.

Overall, I should mediate because...

Page of Pentacles

Pages are the students of the court cards, I also view them as the beginning of some journey or development. I see neatly plowed fields and a lush meadow full of young sprouts in the distance. This makes me think that the preparatory work for harvest has been completed and is about to bear fruit. I am also drawn to how much focus this page is giving to their pentacle. Pentacles are connected to the material world so I see this pentacles as representing my material goals. So mediation will prepare me by giving me the sustained focus I need to achieve my material goals.