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What would have to happen for us to live in San Francisco?

Updated: May 12, 2021

1. Is it a possible outcome?

King of Pentacles

luxury, great material abundance.

I take this as a positive sign. That living there will bring these things into my life. It could also point to the high cost of living over there. As well as a point in my life that I have to get to before this can happen. So, yes I think this card is saying I will live there but I have a few things to line up before I get there to be primed for further success.

2. How long from now would it be?

Knight of Wands

This knight is ready for action and is full of adventure. So it seems like this will be a distant future thing. I still have many adventures before I get there.

3. What should I be doing now to get there?

R Ace of Cups

Exercising restraint. Be consistent in my daily practice. Do not follow my emotions. I am not always going to feel like doing what I need to get done, but I need to do it anyways.

4. What will this bring into my life?


A version of myself will die, I will become a renewed being. It seems I will go through something very life changing.

5. Will I enjoy my time living here?


Stability, status, a reigning king. So I am going to be feeling like a king out there? Well kings tend to life luxurious lifestyles and the position is suppose to command respect. So maybe when I live here I have reached some type of milestone in my life where I feel respected and secure.

What do you think the knight of wands in the "how long will it be?" position. That one threw me for a loop?!


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